Why Support Women’s Cycling?

After a successful career in professional cycling, Michael Engleman found himself working with the women’s side of the sport. Once there he discovered a peloton full of athletes with elite talent. One thing that stuck out to him was the depth of intelligence and dedication that these women possess. The other thing that called out was the disparity, on countless levels, of what is offered to women cyclists when compared to the men’s side of the sport. He founded the US Women’s Cycling Development Program to build a network of people who could help close some of the gaps that stand in the way of a woman cyclist reaching her potential. Michael sat down with Team Car Radio to discuss how he became involved in women’s cycling and why he has dedicated himself to the cause.

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3 Responses to Why Support Women’s Cycling?

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  2. Michael & Team Card Radio,
    great interview, thank you for the link to this.
    It’s wonderful to hear chords being struck across the pacific, I’ll make sure everyone I know listens in a little harder!

    • dlish says:

      Thank you for tuning in. If we can all get a few people to listen, maybe the story will end up finding the right ear.