Why Support Women’s Cycling?

After a successful career in professional cycling, Michael Engleman found himself working with the women’s side of the sport. Once there he discovered a peloton full of athletes with elite talent. One thing that stuck out to him was the depth of intelligence and dedication that these women possess. The other thing that called out was the disparity, on countless levels, of what is offered to women cyclists when compared to the men’s side of the sport. He founded the US Women’s Cycling Development Program to build a network of people who could help close some of the gaps that stand in the way of a woman cyclist reaching her potential. Michael sat down with Team Car Radio to discuss how he became involved in women’s cycling and why he has dedicated himself to the cause.

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National Sports Center – Fixed Gear Classic

Cheers to the National Sports Center Velodrome’s Fixed Gear Classic – an EQUAL PAY event!

June 11-13, 2010 – Blaine, Minnesota

for more information…

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Yoga for Cyclists @ Iron Horse

Yoga Durango in collaboration with Off the Mat and Into the World (part of the Engage Network)
With 2x Iron Horse Champion

Mara Abbott

Mara Abbot racing in the 2008 Iron Horse Bicycle Classic crit

A donation class for the 2010 Global Seva Challenge
SATURDAY, MAY 29 5:00-6:15pm
At Yoga Durango: 1485 Florida Rd, Bld C, Suite 201
The perfect RECOVERY and CELEBRATION after the ride!

At the most basic level, cycling is a sport of balance—the balance of two thin tires that lean in impossible angles to the earth. The irony is that the life and physiology of a cyclist are a perfect example of IMbalance. Through one-dimensional, repetitive movement certain muscle groups are strengthened while others are untouched. The true integrated power of the body is untapped and the cyclist is vulnerable to injury. Yoga can help you to:

- Strengthen unused muscle groups to create balance and greater efficiency
- Improve your physical strength and balance to reduce both overuse and traumatic injury
- Enjoy faster recovery
- Increase proprioception and bodily awareness
- Place weight bearing strains on the musculoskeletal system to reduce the risk of osteoporosis
-Learn to use breath efficiently

All proceeds will benefit Off the Mat, Into the World and the 2010 Global Seva Challenge!
As a participant in the challenge, Mara has committed to collaborating with her local communities to raise $20,000 for humanitarian efforts in South Africa this year.  100% of your donations will go directly to organizations such as YouthAIDS, TAC and Linawo Children’s Home to finance health and education programs that will provide tools and resources for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.

Yoga for Cyclists Flyer

Mara has been a professional cyclist for four years, was the 2007 US National Champion and was 2nd at the 2009 Women’s Giro d’Italia. Her success in the cycling world has risen in tandem with a deepening yoga practice. Through yoga, she has not only acquired physical balance and strength but also the mental balance and clarity to bring health and bliss to the lifestyle of a professional athlete.

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Women’s Cycling Clinic: May 15-16

Team PossAbilities/Gary Fisher/Subaru will host the 2nd annual Women’s Cycling Clinic in Redlands May 15-16.  The clinic is designed to encourage more women to enjoy the benefits of cycling, both beginner/intermediate recreational and race focused athletes.  The clinic begins Saturday with breakfast and instruction– riders get on their bikes early to learn and practice riding skills such as pedaling proficiency, cornering, pacelines, pack riding, race strategies, and eating/drinking while on the bike.  “The instruction I received gave me the confidence and skill that I needed to bring my riding to the next level,” said 2009 participant Lisa Leaming.

Lunch is also provided and riders are presented with special guest speakers. Certified cycling instructors then give instruction on topics which will cover bike maintenance, nutrition, massage/muscle recovery, yoga and core strengthening, team and individual race tactics.  There are numerous “goody bag” items and every participant has a chance to win cycling and health related raffle items.

This year, the Women’s Clinic is proud to announce guest speaker Dotsie Bausch – A five-time U.S. National Champion and a Pan Am Championships gold medal winner in her tenth year of racing. She spent seven years as a member of the U.S. National Team and has competed in the biggest races around the world for professional teams including T-Mobile, Colavita-Sutter Home, Jazz Apple, and InCycle/Time To Track presented by Empower Coaching Systems cycling team the latter of which is the present squad on which she serves as mentor to young riders new to the professional peloton.

Sunday options include 1) a local group ride, choice of 15 or 30 miles 2) local criterium race with on course mentor plus support and post-race feedback.  Women USAC Category 4 racers receive 4 upgrade points for attending the clinic.
Space is limited to the first 100 participants, and fees are $70 for non-USAC license holders, $60 for USAC license holders.  Race fee is additional.

All proceeds from the clinic go to support the PossAbilities program.
For more information contact: womenscyclingclinic@gmail.com

PossAbilities is a disabled community outreach program of Loma Linda University Rehabilitation, Orthopedic, and Neurosciences Institute.  Membership to PossAbilities is free and there are no age restrictions. For more information:  www.TeamPossAbilities.com

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Dave Towle’s Perspective

Dave Towle, professional race announcer, gave Team Car Radio a few minutes during the early racing at The Tour of the Gila. As someone who sees cycling up close and personal, he has formed a solid opinion of what the women have to offer the sport, its fans, and the sponsors. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

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USWCDP Scribble

USWCDP Bike ScribbleKathleen King – @bikechik – put in some late hours to help with the re-launch of uswcdp.org. She has placed bike scribbles on walls and on shirts, and now on our site. This is a photo of the original art. We will be doing some photoshop magic and changing the black to various other colors (first, the green in our logo).

So far, we have used it for our avatar on twitter. But USWCDP merchandise with the scribble could be on the radar. What would you like to see it on?

Visit Kathleen on twitter: @bikechik

and at her blog: A Surfeit of Passion

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Punchbowl-Pontius Points Challenge

Guest post from Dorothy Wong – director of the Southern California Prestige Series of Cyclocross

Women from 10 to 50 years of age – national champions to first timers – took the Punchbowl-Pontius Points Challenge this past weekend in Southern California.  The races were hosted by Santa Clarita Velo and led by race director, Irene Johnson also passionate about growing women’s cycling was excited to have her events become a part of the Women’s Cycling Challenge 2010 promotional events.  The WCC’s number one goal is:  Women supporting each other to build our community across Southern California in order to increase more women to ride a bike!

Highlights from the Punchbowl-Pontius Weekend:  (use attached photos per your discretion)
1. Punchbowl Women’s Podium – Women’s 4 and Juniors 10 to 18 many their first race!
2. Ranchos Women – Cat 4 team now inspired to host a Women’s Cycling Challenge Weekend of their own at their race in July – San Marcos.   Women’s Cat 4 winner, Bethany Allen drove up to be a part of the two day competition and despite recent spinal surgery rode solo to victory!
3. Cat 1/2 Champ – Kathryn Donovan (InCycle/Empower Coaching), Race promoter – Irene Johnson, 50+ Champs – tied Pam Schuster (InCycle-Empower Coaching) a road national champion as a Pro and Diana Davis (Metal MTN) at age 50 just started racing last year and with a huge smile on her face says “I don’t know why I did it?!”
4. Cat 3/4 Women’s Race – capturing the determination of these women to race bicycles!
5. Jane Shearing-Skalak (Cat 4 master) raced for the first time since a riding accident which almost took her life.  But the sweet and fiery Jane was determined AND elated to finish which she did with everyone cheering her on!

The Women’s Cycling Challenge heads to Idyllwild this coming weekend, May 1-2nd providing pre-post race tips for newer riders by SoCal’s own MTB Pros, Christina Probert-Turner and Allison Mann at the Idyllwild Spring Mountain Bike Challenge offering a FREE Novice Women’s Cross Country class on Saturday!  Race director, Katie Hedrich’s passion to grow women’s cycling is offering a women’s first-timer cateogry and says, “This 7 mile course is perfect for testing your racing animal inside in a low pressure atmosphere!”

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Introducing… Team Car Radio

Team Car Radio.com

presented by the USWCDP

The idea behind the creation of the US Women’s Cycling Development Program was to help provide a meeting place for everyone who wanted to talk about ways to promote and support women cyclists and also as a place to learn more about the remarkable people that make women’s cycling the exciting world that it is.

Team Car Radio gives everyone who cares about the sport another avenue to speak and also to band together on where the sport needs to go.
In my 10yr pro career,  I was lucky enough to get great advice and mentoring and I know there are coaches, sponsors and so many others that want to do the same for the women cyclists of today. Team Car Radio is a great avenue to provide new services to women athletes and their endeavors.

Michael Engleman

Editors Note: Team Car Radio Overview

Team Car Radio is a blog that offers podcasts of interviews with cyclists and all those that make cycling happen. It will focus on the personalities and stories rather than the podiums and our goal is that it be a place for each of you to tell your story and express your views on women’s cycling. In addition, guests will be posting personal narratives about cyling from their unique perspective.

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Thoughts on rebuilding the USWCDP web site

New Web SiteWhen I was approached about designing a new site for the USWCDP, I took it as a major compliment. My excitement wasn’t that I got to put together a new web site, it was the cause I got to work with. It is my pleasure to be associated with this program and the community that make up the women’s peloton. The people I have met give me inspiration and hope. I am thankful that my eight-year-old daughter has these women to look up to. I hope this site does them justice.

This site belongs to you. Please take time to give me feedback. Not only on the look, but also the content. We are here to further the voices behind women’s cycling so please speak up and be heard. If we take the time to connect the fans, cyclists, race promoters, sponsors, and teams, we can create the same sort of synergy that comes from riding in a pack.

The short video at the bottom of this post shows some of the evolution we went through when working up the design for this site. It is the perfect example of working together for a common purpose. I wouldn’t have this design without a lot of feedback from a lot of people.

The work I do for the USWCDP is dedicated to my daughter, Maya, and wife, Casie. They are amazing human beings and I learn from them daily. It is my hope that the energy I dedicate to serving women’s cycling will help push women’s cycling to the same level as that other side of the sport. Maybe when Maya is making decisions on her life-pursuits, equality will cease to be something women have to fight for. Until then, I will keep pushing the pace. Pedal on up here and take a turn at the front. I think we will all be amazed at what we can do.

With deepest regards,
Doug LaMunyon

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Guest Post from Megan Hottman – Director Treads.com/DFT:

Because I live so close to lookout mountain in Golden, I tend to train there a lot.
Which means I see a lot of folks riding there, which means I see a lot of them descending back down the mountain.  I see a lot of folks descending improperly -so I thought I’d try to offer 3 tips in the hopes that cyclists reading this can learn how to descend properly, for their own safety as well as the safety of other cyclists and motorists out on the roads:
1.  ALWAYS descend in your drops.  That way, no matter how big the hole or crack is that you ride over, your hands will not come off the bars (like they do if you are riding up top on your hoods). Hands coming off bars during high speed descent = bad.
2.  ALWAYS keep your butt on the seat.  Do not hover!  (Why do people do this? You are unweighting the bike, plus your legs get tired).  Weight the bike, sit on it, apply as much down-pressure to those tires as you can with your body weight.  Please do not stand up or get off the saddle while descending.
3.  ALWAYS lift the inside foot and stand on the outside pedal.  Do not go through turns with your cranks level (ie parallel to the ground).  Here’s a photo to show you an example of me taking a right-hand corner at high speed:

Descending on a bike

Photo courtesy: Megan Hottman

note-the inside (right) foot is UP so that I don’t scrape a pedal (which will cause a crash) and the outside (left) foot is applying down-pressure on my outside pedal (literally-think of standing on that pedal with that one leg).  I am also pushing down slightly on my inside (right) handlebar.  This is a good thing to remember if you come into a turn a bit too “hot” and you feel you may drift (ie over the yellow line) – just push down into that inside handlebar and the bike will slice a tighter turn, keeping you safe and out of the path of oncoming traffic.

Megan M. Hottman, Director
“TREADS.COM/DFT” Women’s cycling team
Become a fan of “TREADS.COM/DFT” on Facebook!

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